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The Au Pair Professional Program is a choice for families who seek au pairs who are professional caregivers. Candidates approved for this program have a formal educational child care degree or a minimum of two years professional, full-time child care experience. The pool of these specialized candidates is limited, so plan ahead and apply early.

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Au Pair Professionals are highly-qualified caregivers who want to practice their profession overseas. Candidates are between 20 and 26 years of age and have completed a formal childcare degree of minimum two-year full time academic course in childcare or have a minimum of two years full-time experience working as teacher, nanny, childcare provider or nursery school teacher. Documentation of the formal child care degrees and experience are provided during the placement process.

All Au Pair International au pairs hold a very high standard and we recommend reviewing candidates in both the regular and professional program. The Au Pair Professional Program simply provides another option for host families who seek a more specialized level of care.


What Our Host Parents Say

Our son needed special care and heavy lifting was required. Antony was a certified nurse and perfect for the role. He took our son everywhere and stayed with us for two years.
Rachel May, host mother
Instead of hiring a tutor to boost our children’s grades, we decided to host an au pair who could assist with homework. Marcia is a professional school teacher and loves to teach the children. It has worked out great.
Stephan Cannon, host father

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