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The Au Pair Infant Specialized program provides families with an au pair who is specially-trained in infant care, nutrition and development. All Infant Specialized au pairs have documented infant experience caring for children under two years of age, and have completed the Au Pair International Infant training course.

Au Pair International does not charge extra for the Infant Specialized Program and therefore, the demand is high. Due to the few candidates approved for this program, our infant specialized au pairs are limited. Apply early: It is easy and you are under no obligation to start the program.

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Your baby benefits from one-on-one attention provided by a highly-qualified caregiver with specialty experience and training caring for children younger than two years of age. Your au pair can assist in keeping a consistent daily routine and engaging your child in games and activities to stimulate mental and physical development. Infant specialized au pairs can provide 45 hours of childcare assistance per week, including:

  • Feeding, changing, bathing and putting your baby to bed.
  • Providing a safe, calm and nurturing environment for your baby.
  • Engaging your baby in learning and developing activities.
  • Assisting in the development of consistent sleeping and feeding routines.
  • Doing your baby's laundry and organizing clothes.
  • Sorting and cleaning toys.
  • Communicating with parents about baby’s development.
  • Keeping a development journal.

What Our Host Parents Say

“With Au Pair International, the hours of care we receive are based on my baby’s schedule, not the day care’s operating hours.” - Jen, host mom NJ
“Because our au pair Anna lived with us, we got to know her very well and felt confident and safe about the care she was giving. We could see her interaction with the twins when we were home and were confident they loved her and she them.” - David, host dad NY
“Thanks to the Au Pair International Program, our baby gets to play in an environment she knows, and she also get lots of attention and hugs." - Monica, host mom TX
“Audrey was not able to sleep in daycare with all the noise. Now that we have an au pair, she has an exact routine with the safety and familiarity of her own bed.” - Antonio, host dad DC

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