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The Cole-Fulcomer Family of Colorado - Nominated by Rebecca P. of Germany 

My name is Rebecca and I would like to nominate my host family, because of a million different reasons.

Before anything else, my host family is amazing and it actually doesn’t feel like there just my host family anymore. After one year living together there feel like my second family, like I know them already my whole live. I hope that feeling stays even when I will be back in Germany, but I think it will never fade.

As I prepared everything to come to the USA I was really excited and a bit scared what it will be like to live so far from home. I knew I would like my host family, I already figured that out when we were skyping, but still…

When I look back there was no reason for that. There welcomed me with open arms and it felt like home since the first day.

My start here began, that there lost my luggage somewhere in Spain, so that I had no clothes or anything else, but after I told my host mom, she knew what to do and handled all the organization, so that I could get my things back as soon as possible.

There made me a cute welcome sign and I loved the room there prepared for me. 

At my first day here I met the grandparents and we went to a Rockies baseball game. I never went to a game before and it was a cool experience, my first American experience followed by many others.

My host family made it possible that I could experience the America I dreamed of. Baseball, Football with amazing seats and a real buffalo running around (Colorado Buffaloes), Christmas with stockings, Christmas elf’s, and family dinners, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and a family vacation in Hawaii.  I still can’t believe we really did this. In my first month there took me to Aspen to a balloon festival, so that we all could get to know each other better. 

There did let me take time of so that I could go on Au Pair trips and see as many different states of the USA as possible. (One of my goals why I became an Au Pair) My host dad was so nice to drive me, no matter what time or what weather, to the airport. If 3 a.m. or with snow and fog on the street, it didn’t matter to him. And I know nobody else, except my own dad who would do that for me. 

My host mom helped me whenever I had a question. She helped me with booking flights or hostels, or whenever I had a problem.

I also improved my English skills a lot in my time here. My whole host family made me feel confortable speaking English, even when I was afraid to do something wrong. There encouraged me and always helped me when I was looking for a word or tried to explain something, even when it sometimes ended up in charade. 

Now to my amazing, cute, smart, beautiful host children. I like to call them my 2 little sisters, even when theyre more than that. What can I say? My little Arabella turned one right after I arrived. I was here for her first birthday party. I was here when she learned walking, when she took her first step and when she spoke her first word. I have to say for me her first word was “Baum” the German word for tree. She probably didn’t know what it means, but I like the imagination that is was a German word, because in my time here I tried to teach her and my host family some German.

I have a really strong connection to both of my girls and because I am not only an employee here, but a real part of the family, it really feels like this. After work we eat together, play together, go outside or watch a movie and at the weekends we all do fun stuff as a family. That’s what’s so amazing about them. There treated me as a family member and I know, that’s how the Au Pair program is supposed to be, but sadly I know a lot of stories where its not close to that what I have experienced. I know my host family trusts me and I trust them, and when we have a problem we can talk about it until it’s gone. Naturally there are problems, but that’s family and the important thing is that you can talk about it and that your opinion is heard. 

After a couple months my host family told me that there planning to go to France in the summer to visit my host moms parents. And then they made the suggestion, if it wouldn’t be cool to go and visit my family in Germany too.

I always wanted my family to meet them and them to meet my family, because I told them both a lot about each other and they’re both my family. So it was set and we really did it. It was unbelievable to have my American family in my house and to show them my city and how I normally live. My brother made a connection with my host kids right away and my dad and my mom who normally never speak English, practiced a lot before we came and actually had a lot of conversations, even when I had to translate here and there. We all had so much fun together that the plan is set to go to the US next summer, so that my German family, who never went to America before can see where I lived for one year and to see my American family again.

When I think about leaving, I already miss them and I wish I could take all of them in my suitcase back to Germany. But even when it will be hard I know I always can come back. 

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