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The Chalmers Family of California - Nominated by Louis D. of France 

Hello I wish nominated my host family for the family of the year because I estimate that they deserves it and to try through my words to explain you why it is important that this family gains this year. 

Since my arrival on August 13th, 2016 the family did not stop making me discover her traditions and her life. 

First of all my history started when I arrived and that one week after I have been to the burning man. which comes from France sounds a shock of culture, but the family always was there, to help me through the barrier of the language which at the beginning was not easy and also the rules which to change completely for me. 

Return of Burning Man the life in California with the family was much more traditional for me because I had a planning already ready for the month, this planning is very clear and especially I must say well that the family is rather accommodating with my days off. 

The family knowing very clearly since the beginning of my contract my sexual orientation so they wanted to show me one weekend at Disney the day of the “gay day disney”, but also a weekend of dance, since they organizes one weekend a year with her group of dance beside Mendocino. 

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I must say that with this family I do not have really the time to annoy me because each new experiment is completely different one from the other.  When I discover USA or when I show them my country at the time of Christmas and the new year, I was pleased to show them my country and my family. 

With this family I must say that the adventures and the experiment for an au pair can have, are followed but do not resemble itself I will also speak about confidence because I have more the feeling I’m with my family than with my boss. 

When I speak about confidence I speak about I could leave several times in weekend with the little boy who im in charge, at UniversalStudios for example, I find that this weekend with the boy and seem very important to create of the links with him. this little boy is very wise and very nice. I must say that we get along very well I must say that the family entirely trust me I succeeded in convincing the family to let me leave with him for three weeks to France only him and me. 

We spent three weeks together marvellous I do not know which family would have let leave them boy to the opposite of the world, his child six years old with the au pair of which the family has known for only nine months 

To let as much adventure realize for his child and the au pair that as much confidence creates, this family is inevitably wonderfull and especially the best, I will not give up I would not change of anything, my host family, is for all these reasons that I decided to remain a second year with them.

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