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The Waldron-Yoshimura Family of California - Nominated by Ai S. of Japan 

The best host family that I have ever known is the Waldron-Yoshimura family. I was born and raised in a big family, which consists of four children, including me. But this family is much bigger than mine. How big are they? They have five children, two cats, five chickens, and they also feed birds living in nature, too. The oldest child is named Emi. She is eight years old now and she likes to try almost anything with full curiosity. Also, she always helps me. Gia is the second child and she is turning seven years old in July. She is amazingly kind to everyone and takes great care of her younger siblings and her cousins. Gunnar is the only boy in this family and he is four years old. He adds his bright and colorful energy into this family and he also brings everyone joy. He likes to help cook, and loves Batman, Spiderman, and Pokemon as well. Rory and Shea are fraternal twins and they are two years old. They are always happy, positive and trying everything in their own ways. When they take care of me, they become like a real mother for me. Additionally, the cats are good additions to this family because the cats make the children happy, even if someone is crying. The children always stop crying when the cats are near. Moreover, the people who are coordinating and leading this big family to their fullest potential are Peter and Nicky. Thus, I would like to share how lucky I am to live and work as part of this family.

Polite but Positive, Energetic and Active!

One of the best qualities is how Peter and Nicky encourage the children to participate in various extra curriculum activities. Nicky and Peter give the children many opportunities to try new things, for example, soccer, swimming, kung-fu, ballet. They coordinate field trips, like watching baseball games or other fun things. These opportunities enrich children physically, mentally and developmentally. Furthermore, another thing that children cherish is “Your own time”, which is when each child spends quality time and plays with his/her parents. Children love their own parents the best. I understand because I also experienced this feeling during my childhood. Having a bigger family means the parents can devote less time to spend one-on-one with individual children, technically. However, if the parents spend even 10-15 minutes with each child one-on-one, they will be satisfied and nurture their attachment and relationships, like this family. Also, Nicky and Peter enjoy every seasonal American holiday. She likes decorating the entire house, so the children and I recognize what holiday is today or this month. He likes showing how to enjoy this holiday with a bunch of children. They celebrate these holidays, not only with their own family, but also they get together with other families, neighbors, and relatives. In addition, Peter and Nicky discipline their children well. So, all of five children are polite even the two-year-old girls, Rory and Shea. For example, I need to sign out when I pick them up from preschool. Rory and Shea always pass a pen not only to me, but to other parents. No one taught them this behavior, but they observe what people do, then they help other people nicely.

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Welcome to Everyone!

The Waldron-Yoshimura family is really open-minded. During my first year, Peter and Nicky invited me to celebrate every holiday, for instance, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. I could enjoy the American holidays while spending time with their grandparents and both sides of their relatives. I had fun talking, relaxing, and eating delicious meals with them. This is why, in my second year, I always feel comfortable and I would like to introduce this family to my friends and other Au Pairs. I have even invited four friends to the house, and four more friends, including my siblings, have talked to the family on the phone. One of my best friends, named Mari, decided to visit this family from Japan. This was the biggest challenge for her entire life because she is an electric-wheelchair user and she needs help doing most of the everyday activities. Just before she came here, Peter and Nicky had minimum worries about her appearance with shorten limbs. All of the family was really welcoming and supportive for Mari too. The children liked her because after she went back to Japan, Gunnar asked me “Where is your little friend?” for a while. I am grateful that I can share this happy life with my friends and vice versa.

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The Benefit of Living with the Same Family!

Some Au Pairs want to work with another family in their second year and I am not of the same opinion. I would like to share the benefit that I have spent having the same family. The biggest reason is that I feel happy when I see children’s personal growth and developmental events, such as witnessing them lose their baby teeth. Then, I learned American cultural tradition, such as the tooth fairy story together. Almost two years ago, when I met this family, the twins were only seven months old. Now, they reached Gunnar’s age when I met him, two and a half years old. At that time, he occasionally called me and came into my room in the early morning. Each time, he was given words of caution by his parents, such as “this is her private room,” especially when I was off. One and a half years later, right now, Gunnar explains this rule to his younger sisters when Rory and Shea try to come into my room. I am grateful that the children visit my room, and more than happy when I see they are growing.

This is all about the best host family, the Waldron-Yoshimura family, that I would like to recommend for this nomination. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

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