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The Kwok Family of California - Nominated by Natsuki O. of Japan 

Hello aupair family! I'd like to nominate my host family for this contest.

My host family is two parents and four boys.They are considerate, bright, fun, cooperative and happy family.They always saids“Do not GAMAN(*endure), do not hesitate to ask any questions or anything.

First of all, when my family first chose me as a pair, the first son made a nice movie and let me know that I chose me. 

First, when my host family selected me as their au pair, the eldest son created a video for me in which he said they selected me. On the first weekend that I arrived in America, they invited their good friends and their neighbors and had a welcome party for me. In the neighborhood there are many families with children the same age as my au pair family, so there are many opportunities to play. I felt relieved because I then knew that the people around my host family are also kind and warm. I looked forward to my coming au pair life.


The invite me to many neighborhood events like Halloween events, Superbowl parties, and pool parties. In Japan I wasn't very familiar with my neighbors, and I've had the American experience that I imagined, so this has been a valuable experience. Also, my au pair family has invited me on family trips many times. We went to Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Hawaii, San Francisco. We are going to camp in this summer. I had a Thanksgiving dinner with my au pair family's relative and we ate home made turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and on Christmas the family also prepared many presents and we relaxed by playing games together and talking. During New Year, my host family's relatives cooked Japanese and Chinese New Year's dinner, and I could enjoy several ways of celebrating. I felt like my host family is making an effort to let me have many experiences. My host family also tells me lots of useful information and tells me their stories.

Next, compared to Japan, America has many more areas that are dangerous. My host family realizes this so they always worry about me because I do not really know about the dangers. When I go on vacation, go to downtown, or when I will arrive home late, they always ask if I'm OK and tell me that if anything happens I should phone them right away. Because I was born and raised in a safe an peaceful place, I always get a little scared and surprised when I hear any scary news. Compared to when I first came to America, I now feel much more that I have to do what I can to protect myself.

Because my host family has greeted and treated me as a real member of their family like this, not only did my understanding of American culture change, but my own way of thinking changed as well. I've felt that my host family is always working hard to make me happy and comfortable, so my own desire to work hard is bubbling to the surface.

Thank you for your consideration.





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