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Cody R. - Runner Up


Congratulations to Cody R. of Australia

Nominated by the Ferre-Torossian Family in Washington!

 "Thank you, for the opportunity to nominate our world-class Au Pair Cody R. for Au Pair of the Year. Cody deserves this Award for a thousand reasons, and our family could not be happier than elaborating on those in this essay.

Cody R. Australia

We welcomed Cody in our family on June 1, 2016. She arrived from Australia where she grew up on a farm in the countryside with her Mum and animals, and had worked with children from 6-months to 5 years old for a few years. She came over to take care of our 18 months old daughter at the time and soon to be born second daughter. She had hardly ever travelled abroad until she landed in Seattle. She arrived in high-speed, high impact, intense family environment where our high tech business careers are an important part of our life. Our experience with her was outstanding from day one, and continues to be a joy every day. 

Cody proved the absolute perfect Au Pair our family needed. She is highly competent and experienced with children, incredibly wise, energetic and a fantastic communicator with our children. She proved able to adapt to a variety of environments: in our home and the Pacific Northwest culture, during our two- month stay in Paris during my maternity leave where she had to learnt about navigating a very urban environment completely foreign to her habits, with our tempestuous two-year old who was having to adjust to a new born sister, with our families who were visiting.

It is hard to find enough attributes to describe this self-confident, creative, discrete, trustworthy, insightful, active, mature, self-aware, crafty, young lady. While with our children 45 hours a week since the little one turned 3-month, she provides us with a lot of incredible tips to ease the family rhythm, pick between day cares or upcoming pre-schools, help the children through more challenging emotional phases. Our daughter loves her and never goes to bed without knocking at her door softly asking for ‘Coby’. Cody has incredible talent and patience at helping our now 5-month old finds her sleep.

When our family went through the stress of the uncertainty around work and possible geographic mobility, Cody always stayed very relaxed and laser focused on the children. Cody puts the children first whatever she does, wherever she is with us.

The highlights of her achievements with our daughter include: 4-feet long painting art pieces that they work on week after week, learning to be comfortable playing by herself, language, a wide variety of well behavior at the table or socially, the peace of mind of sticking her to a smart routine, the dozen of thoughtful craft things she did with her (planting seeds in the garden, making her crack eggs shells to enrich the garden’s soil) but also teaching her to dress up by herself, to cross the road, etc. She integrated very well with other Au Pairs and made a point of using all her weekends to visit, learn and experience the area.

On behalf of my husband, our children’s grand-parents but also my adult step-children and friends from the community who got to see her ‘in action’ a few times, we are delighted to nominate Cody for Au Pair of the year. She is our third Au Pair with our family and we would love to have her part of the family for another decade if the Program allowed. She earned this Award in our view because she embodies the values of the Au Pair program, the spirit of the cultural exchange it represents, and the undisputed care she gives our children every day in a self-starting, self-motivated and intellectually curious fashion. We are grateful we got to experience this time with her, learning from each other every day."

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