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     Congratulations to Catherine K - Our 2015 Au Pair of the Year!



Catherine Certificate                                Catherine K  


Catherine came to Au Pair International from South Africa with a wealth of knowledge in the childcare field and an eagerness to experience life in the United States. Her host family nominated her for the Au Pair of the Year contest because she is "magical" with their twin boys and has become an integral part of their family. Catherine's host mother writes that Catherine is truly an amazing, gifted woman, not only with her children but with everyone she touches. She never shows how hard her job is. In fact, she makes raising twins look easy. Her patience has no boundaries. She is very gracious; she never lets anything upset her. She treats everyone with the utmost respect. She is humble. She goes above and beyond to help out. She is friendly and warm, and very likeable. She rolls with the punches and is flexible to change. Everyone who knows her has said how lucky we are to have her with us. As a first-time mother, Catherine has also taught me a lot about parenting. None of the countless books or videos I watched about parenting could have taught me what Catherine has, just by example.


Catherine's Nomination Essay and Collage!



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