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When choosing childcare, parents are looking for someone to nurture, love, teach, support, play with, and provide the highest level of care. Research overwhelmingly shows that children's healthy development depends on calm and nurturing experiences during the first few years of life. Our host families feel they have a wonderful childcare situation because they have a person who is experienced, reliable, and responsive, and understands and nurtures their child's developmental and emotional needs.


Highest Caregiver to Child Ratio

Quality childcare can make a significant difference in your child's development and behavior later in life. Researchers have been examining the aspects of childcare that have a positive influence on early childhood development. Not surprisingly, studies show that high staffing ratios are an essential factor in quality child care settings.

Au pairs provide one-on-one attention in a calm environment, soothing their hurts, and encouraging their mental and physical development. Au pairs see your interaction with your child and can mimic the way you have chosen to raise your child.


Customized Care

High quality, customized care is an important benefit of the au pair program.

Studies have found that kids who spend all day in daycare have higher levels of stress and more aggression than kids who are cared for at home. Families also find that their children are exhausted and may have difficulties taking naps at daycare.

With the live-in au pair program, the schedule is set to your children’s routines, not to opening hours. Your au pair knows the child’s daily routine, likes and dislikes, and personality. The au pair is a family member who takes interest in and enjoys taking part in your child’s individual learning and growth.

An au pair also has more information about the child’s behavior and can adjust accordingly. For example, a daycare center has very limited ability to accommodate a child who is overly tired and may need to take it easy. Our au pairs recognize that your child’s needs may vary from day to day, and are therefore flexible and adapt as needed.

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